Hinterland Blues

by Caboose

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released January 10, 2019

Louis DeCicco - electric guitar, resophonic guitar, voice, lyrics
Carlo Corso - drums, percussion
Biagio Daniele - harmonica, guitar dulcimer
Bruno Belardi - double bass on 1,2,6
Emanuele Carulli - electric bass on 5
Giovanna Salvo Rossi - backing vocals on 4,5

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Kuca Studio by Fadà
between July and October 2018

Produced by Caboose and Fadà

All the lyrics written by Louis DeCicco except nr. 7
by Mississippi Fred McDowell

Cover and booklet photo by Pierluigi Muscolino


all rights reserved



Caboose Berlin, Germany

the smell of stagnant rust, the coolness of freshly cut grass, the sent of food getting cold on the windowsill, subtle wind shear at sunset that blows away the last moments of a summery day...That's Caboose, with a distinctive bucolic, raw sound that wrap around the air and recalls still summer evenings interrupted by tribal dances and voodoo rituals ... more


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Track Name: Land of no return
My friends are getting jobs
I was not meant to do
ambition's their condition
that's what they've been told,
the state locked up the door
the burocracy threw away the key
frustration did the rest, along with TV

(they) put a fence on the borders
persuade me to let in
where the job is at hand
and the wellness out of reach
you can call it American nightmare
or just European dream
you’d better keep your eyes wide open
in the city that never sleeps

in the land of no return
everywhere I go

'Independence' is the bone
they let you keep
once you've been a good dog
working all the time, for free
there's no exception, nor satisfaction, headway or thrill
in the land of opportunities for all
the starving man gets killed

in the land of no return
everywhere I go

I deleted from my bones
every number and name
waitin'to melt myself into
thousand different shapes, again
I sent all my beliefs to hell
soon I'll follow them too
all the rest I got
I owe it all to you
in the land of no return
Track Name: They call him poet
It took him 40 years and more
to love the place where he comes from
and now he got back
and everybody calls him: poet

he's almost sixty years old
left the family when he was young
set on climbing over the fence
he was held behind

it seems
just a man passing by
young boys try to catch his eyes
but his sight is far beyond
close to the things they still
don't know

his presence plays a tiny sound
that sorrounds him like a cloud
his hands are fragile, shivering leaves
the pace is proud, the mind is free

he tried out drugs and felt the fear
has been down'n out for years
now he's back and the people barely know
he's dead

No one will name a road after him
least of all will read the books he wrote
for all those he has lost
for his mother who always called him: poet
for his mother who always called him: love

he always celebrated life
before vanishing in the tide
of time, now he
rests beneath a stone
saying: don't bury your roots
unless you wanna make them bloom
unless you wanna watch them grow
Track Name: Suicide Song
It ain't the right day to die
I wanna see my mom, just to keep
her face in mind
well well

I'm a stranger in a stranger land
I've tried to ask some aid, no one cares
about my pain
well well

If I ever have done any good
leave it to my girl
gave her nothin'else but doom

well, well

.....do you want to ride? let's ride !

I didn't sign my farewell
didn't sign it yet
I didn't sign my farewell
everything I wrote,
I'm gonna tell the Lord, myself
well well

It ain't the right day to die
I bet I wake up soon, wish it was not
my last move,
well well
Track Name: Landslide
The road has been blocked
by a landslide, the railway's been
wiped out

Ol' river flooded
tearing down the dam
nothing's gonna be the same

it seems that I won't
call any place "home" again

Have you seen, have you seen
my father, have you seen him? x2

Well, I saw him by a buyer
he was selling his house for gold

time to say farewell
to the place where you were born

run on your own,
run on your own goner,
run on your own

you're on your own,
you're your own, goner
run on your own

you're on your own, goner
no matter where you run to

for a landslide has burnt all the railway down
river flooded all over the ground
Track Name: Our World
Our world is a slave
civilized by liars,
the cave of dreams lit by the flame of desire
who are the guilty
who play the main role
the ones who got money and have took the control

How can all the people believe to these fools?
How can their superstition become true?
We turned on each other and are still told
'Do unto others what's been done to you'
I don't want to waste my time by standing here
it's a cruel world but it's so real

How long you've been waiting
how long will you stay?
Money keep coming in without making any change

Oh no, don't you baby want to see me cry
over the border we could give it a try
want to buy me a pistol, want to buy me a ring?
Brides and killers who can't get no thrill

don't blame my condition I won't bury my head
those who write the rules are totally mad
I don't want to waste my time by standing here
it's a cruel world and it's our world
Track Name: Hinterland blues
I'll tell you about the suburb
the place where I come from
You have never seen the traffic of the suburb...
one half row red
half white
it looks immobile to those who look at it
not to be understood
who departs and who returns
so eternal
not to be able to cross it
and an orange thread over the mountains
whose sole purpose is
to point out the eastern horizon
along the train route which
delays departure
its time of belonging

There is a place that goes back to my memory, is a
crossroad where the traffic lights are red and blur the sun
in cars
people alone, lined up

The suburb is eternal
The suburb is a waiting bud
octave of passing time,
emphasis on 4
of latin american dances
beaten in the back of a church
where the patron saint
allows himself a Sunday
gives everyone a wax blessing
the Peace.
promises championship and other victories

Loneliness measured in kilometres and
petrol-filled tanks
on fingers of your hand
held to the wheel - overtaking a truck
a row
of negroes cycling

Oh Innocent suburb, you assassin!
exhaust gases from cars in neutral
eat fruit baskets drink
engine oil
enter houses gathered around television
The door is on the road
two the roads that take you home
someone will perhaps come to visit me
tonight I have nothing to do
except to put the ear next to the door
tell apart the horn
the displacement of your four by four
in the spirals of a
sheet metal snake
approaching white crosses
planted along the emergency lane.
from my window
I see the billboards of a megastore for newlyweds promising TV, discounts on TV
anyone wants a TV?
till death do us part
till sludge devour us

Province of earth, province of sea
land of roots
and lawns, on your skin

echoes of memory of greek foundations
in the land of none
by the grace of someone

Beasts on pasture beyond guard-rail
have a yoke at the neck
widows to mass
a mourning knotted under the chin
Prostitutes in a circle around crackling fire, waiting for the headlights
that let the desire overtake deviation
echoes of memory of greek foundations

In the velvet of the night
I need you
I need you radio, I need you cigarette
I need you to save me
May you be my good luck,
the unexpected that fades
the contour of shade
I want to love you
far from here
where silence is a choice
and silently
the desire courts occasion
Track Name: Bloodhound
I'm gonna catch that train
yes I'm gonna catch that train
I've been wandering like a
bloodhound on your trail...

Got my woman in one land
got my job in another
so when she falls asleep
it's time for me to rise
they say: the more you work the better
they convinced you 'bout that
with television, smiling faces and shit

but I’d rather die on a train
yes I’d rather die on a train
than not see your face, ever again
I've been wandering like a
bloodhound on your trail
Just to recall your face again

Ain't got no friends around me
ain't got no money in my bill
'cause I'm a walker and let my fate
walkin' along
Everything left can be scary
even if not necessary at all

That's why I 'm gonna ride
that's why I'm gonna ride that train
I'm still wandering like a
bloodhound on your trail
since I've been on my feet again

now look:
if this train will ever take me home
and that home's mine
nobody should tell me what to do,
no-one tells me when
I take whatta need and everything else I want
I'm gonna tell ya

yes, I'm gonna tell ya I want to ride
yes, I'm gonna ride that train
I've been travellin' like a
bloodhound on your trail
just to recall your face, again

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